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Oscar Pasinato is a 47 years old italian chef from a small village near Venice, after he got his chef diploma at the catering and management school of Treviso (Italy), he started to work full time. First near home, then all around the world. His love for the food took him from venice to paris and london. Then it was new york and puerto rico but oscar spent the last 20 years in asia: japan, thailand and finally singapore (his new home). Together with his singaporean wife tracy opened their little restaurant in the year 2000. it was their dream come true, and sometimes they can still not believe it is really true. what they do is very simple: oscar cooks and tracy take care of the service. oscar’s food is, at times, not that easy to describe. as he likes to say he cooks his own type of food, he cooks what he would like to eat according to what he finds in the market. his style of cooking has been influenced by the two most important women of his life: his mother and his wife. the food is always very simple and very easy to prepere. oscar and tracy are living their dream